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Studio Penta provides users with some links to simplify your personal tasks and the management of your business. These are just a few useful references.

Tax management and financial issues are not easy, Studio Penta offers personalized advice to manage or relaunch your business, follow your investments and allow you to do your job without wasting your time.

Useful links

Which tasks do you need to get done?

Pre-filled annual tax return

If you are an employee or you’re retired and you prepare your tax docutments every year, we inform you that you can request and deliver the pre-filled tax documentation declaration! If you want to do that, just access the portal of Agenzia delle Entrate with your credentials:

Link to the pre-filled tax documents

ISEE template

To get the basic income and other welfare contributions from the state you need to fill in the ISEE template and access the INPS portal with your credentials. Here is the link for it:

ISEE template

How does the electronic invoice work?
The electronic invoice is a new tool introduced from January 1st, 2019. For in-depth information about it, go on the dedicated page of our website.

Electronic invoice

How do you get registered for VAT

In order to register for VAT, you have to apply to the Agenzia delle Entrate, which will assign you a code of 11 digits to identify your VAT.

For the opening of VAT you must complete and deliver the form AA9/12 or AA7/10 to Agenzia delle Entrate. This is the declaration of business beginning that must be delivered within 30 days from the start of your own professional activity.

The form must be delivered to the Agenzia delle Entrate along with its document of approval. To do that, you have to one of the Offices or you can dealt with it via registered mail or in the telematic way, through thesoftware that you can download on the site.

Form for Natural PersonForm for subject other than Natural Person

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Management software for electronic invoice

Studio Penta provides a cloud software to its clients to deal with electronic invoice. It is simple and intuitive and it comes with assistance to learn how to use it!


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Becoming a client of our firm guarantees you a 360° assistance on managing your business and planning your investments. We are not a normal consulting company but a study of highly trained and qualified professionals.

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