After more than thirty years of experience, Studio Penta has decided to offer an education service. We teach within companies about tax issues, tributary issues and management control.

Our aim is to strenghten the competences of managers and entrepreneurs, along with training firm management highly qualified staff.

Training is a tool used to increase the potentialities of any company’s organisation.; human resources, within the company, is an important part of the value and therefore constant update represents a fundamental step to keep the firm’s competitiveness.

Our firm offers a training service of the companies’ staff and of the entrepreneur, with the aim of sharing information and improve the integration between the consulting activity and the client’s activity.. Our firm organizes meetings, seminars and training courses in our iffices, or even in our client’s firms.

The lessons, prepared based on management and staff’s needs, are about the main legislative news. They can also deepen certain areas of interest, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. All this is to give a valid tool, and an immediate one too, to all partecipants about management, tax and accounting issues.

We’re also able to providein-company training with the help and supervision of extern consultants that provide the know-howaimed to improve the company’s organisation to get and increase of productivity.