Processes & Organization

The accounting/administrative processes are the mechanisms that determine the time and the way in which the management of a company is managed.

Optimizing the processes, an administrative office can perform in a day what it normally does in a week. It can do it better. It can do it with less resources.

Optimisation must involve the whole administrative chain, from the acquisition of data (for example from the sales front end) to the preparation of financial statements and tax returns.

The goal is to make the accounting system fluid, almost automatic.
The training of all operators and the sharing of knowledge is another determining factor.

As we can see with these and many other examples, the administrative function is no longer static but dynamic, is no longer passive but proactive, is no longer a bureaucratic machine but the center of strategic business information, able to provide elements to decide how and how much to invest but also able to implement appropriate fiscal policies, in compliance with regulations.

The optimization of accounting processes can lead to savings of tens of thousands of euros, depending on the size of the company group.