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Luca Selmi

Chartered Accountant & Auditor


Member of the Order of Accounting Doctors of Modena with seniority from 11 February 2004, number 870/A

Member of the Register of Statutory Auditors with seniority from 15 June 2004 to number 133102

ITC Paradisi di Vignola

University of Modena, Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Over the years, in addition to traditional business, tax and corporate consulting and start-up business evaluation, he has developed particular expertise in extraordinary transactions and customer service activities in dealing with credit institutions

He also specialises in previsional reports and budgets, budget analysis, and balance-sheet consolidation.

In our firm he is the main reference for companies working in the entertainment field and also works with issues concerning the management of rents of companies and generational passage operations.

He has developed a specific competence in assisting the clients operating in public stores, real estate sector, entertainment equipment, agency and commerce, food and building sector

He currently is a member of the board of directors of a company that deals with services and mayor of several companies with the function of President or effective member

It is currently registered in the lists of CTUs and real estate executives


Feasibility analysis of the business project

Business, corporate, tax and corporate consultancy

Legal auditing of accounts and due diligence

Firms evaluations

Design and assistance in extraordinary operations (mergers, divisions, contributions, liquidations)

Assistance and advice in corporate restructuring

Assistance and consultancy in the field of business leases

Assistance and advice in th sale of shares/units

Assistance and advice in the field of relations with credit institutions

Assistance and consultancy with contracts

Evaluation of shops and sales/purchase assistance

Assistance and management of commercial agents, agri-food and manufacturing companies