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Frequently asked questions

Can I do without an accountant?
If you have a small business or are a freelancer whose sole goal is to save we’re not for you. The studio is looking for customers who want to grow and reach big dimensions.
What does Studio Penta offer me more than any other tax advisor?
The professionals of Studio Penta offer personalized advice for every single customer: the experience that distinguishes us allows us to give better advice to our customers!
How do I get an appointment with a studio professional?
Email us or call us, we will put you in contact with a professional to deal with your problem!
Do you have technology tools to follow your business?
We use the most modern accounting and electronic invoicing systems. We offer the customer the opportunity to use our management software in the cloud, in order to share the information in real time and integrate the customer’s accounting activity with our professionalism, intervening in the phases that the customer can’t deal with by himself, like VAT, periodic checks, data transmission, etc.
How much does a consultation at the Studio Penta cost?
The first meeting is always free. The cost of our services is never standardisable, since services are custom-built for every customer. It is the customer himself who, beyond the standard activities set by the numerous norms, defines with us a personalized intervention threshold (a meeting every 15 days? Every month? Every six months for an intermediate balance?), which inevitably reflects on the annual cost. Our system is built to offer economic advantage to the costumer himself: our great timeliness in the response is aimed at avoiding that the costumer steals valuable time from his business. We deal with solving financial and tax situations and get promptly back at our costumers via phone or email, without the need of a formal meeting.

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