Accounting & Administrative Services

  • Financial Statements and Group Consolidated Financial Statements according to the Civil Code, National (CIU) and International Accounting Standards (IAS, IFRS).
  • Installation of accounting system, setting up of stock records, electronic invoicing and storage replacement
  • Real-time assistance with tax audits
  • Keeping of account books, warehousekeeping records
  • “Shared Accounting” (between Firm and Client) in order to be able to charge itself simultaneously dividing the tasks (typically leaving the more formal activities to the Firm, which prints registers, liquidations and declarations VAT etc…). Service provided in ASP (without any installation at the client’s, and without any need for backup and updates).
  • High accounting automation through automated import of invoice data, control of correspondence of personal data (validation of data) with CCIAA/Inforcert database to reduce errors, advanced systems of data exchange.
  • Management of tight delivery times of outputs, including multilingual and proprietary formats (reporting packages) or customer’s online platforms.
  • Deep expertise with foreign clients.