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We have been at our clients’ service for over thirty-five years.


Studio penta offers partnership with highly qualified Chartered Accountants with expertise in various areas of specialization. The firm’s policy is a strongly customer-oriented approach, with the aim of anticipating the needs of those who chose us.


Since 1984, Studio Penta has been assisting and supporting its clients, providing qualified professional services to both small and medium-sized companies and national and international corporate groups and professionals. Our services are also directed to individuals for tax planning of household assets.


We are engaged every day in a constant professional update that allows us to keep up with the latest tax and legislative news and the latest technological innovations to make a wider and more productive service for our clients.

On February 14, 2019 the new decree on crisis and insolvency was approved. It will become effective in August 2020 and many companies will have to adapt by implementing new warning tools to bring out the state of crisis in advance.

Check with us the situation of your business and let us take you in this new phase with the best possible analysis tools.

New reform of business crisis

Convegno Studio Penta


Studio Penta organizes a conference on the new reform of the Business Crisis on Monday, November 25, at 15.00, at the Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts of Modena.

The aim of the Conference is to illustrate the rules framework of reference and the strengthening of the responsibilities of the administrators, according to the new Code of Business Crisisthe organizational and alert obligations for companies will be highlighted, and the tools through which every enterprise will be able to identify more quickly the indicators of the crisis, which highlight income, asset or financial imbalances; they will be in the end, the various options, solutions, or dedicated or integrated services to support Clients in this important step will be illustrated.

To register for the conference please register in the form below

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The firm

35 years of experience

Studio Penta is a professional firm of chartered accountants with expertise in various fields of specialization. It has been active since 1984 in both Modena and Vignola. The firm operates in the broad field of activities carried out by the Accountant, especially the field of tax advice and contractual and corporate assistance.

The associates

Stefano Selmi

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor

Vittorio Bergamini

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor

Riccardo Aureli

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor

Luca Selmi

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor

Donatella Melloni

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor

Iva Manfredini

Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor


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